Projects using Flask

  • House_it


    This is a simple flask app. Which is used to find the perfect house for us, based upon our needs.

  • Fix_it_up


    This is a real-time project. It will help to find the technicians around our area and assign them to us if we need them. This is implemented in Flask.

  • C_kal_SVCE


    This project is created exclusively for svceians, this will scrap the grades,credits they got in each semester from the student portal and calculates their CGPA.This uses selenium and BeautifulSoup.The interesting thing is it will predict how much gpa the student have to get in the next_semester to achieve his dream cgpa. This app is done in Flask and deployed in Heroku.

Data Collection

  • Scrapper


    This is a web scrapper that uses BeautifulSoup to scrap Interview Experiences of individuals in different companies and convert them to csv.

  • Cric_info


    This is used to collect the stats of any cricket player in One Day Internationals and convert it to csv's. This script uses BeautifulSoup

Project in Open_CV

  • Dime_x


    This is a project that is done using OpenCV.This will calculate the dimension of objects in photos, With a reference object

My first Python code

  • Simple Word Guessing Game


    This is my first python code, I started coding in python by creating a word predictor game!!! I know this is simple but this is my first code in python.