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Data Science
Web Design
Machine Learning
Web Scrapping

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Elastic Search
My Sql


Hand Gesture Recognition For Human Computer Interaction Using CNN

Extracting hand gesture from video through real-time image processing and predicting the hand gesture using Convolutional neural network(CNN) for Human Computer Interaction.

  • CNN
  • Keras
  • OpenCV
  • Deep Learning

EURO to INR exchange rate prediction using LSTM

The currency exchange between the Euros and INR is being analyzed and predicted for the next 30 days using LSTM.

  • Keras
  • LSTM
  • Forecasting

House Suggestion System

Project using flask that uses an interactive UI to suggest house based on client needs.

  • Flask
  • Analytics

Heart Bit

Predicting the probability of a person getting heart disease based on their medical data using Machine Learning Algoritms.

  • Scikit
  • Health Care
  • Machine Learning

Chandler Bot

Long short-term memory (LSTM) artificial reccurent neural network implementation to generate a character's dialogues.

  • RNN
  • LSTM
  • Keras
  • Machine Learning

C-kal SVCE

This script helps to calculate your CGPA, Without manually entering the credits and grades. Uses selenium for automation and beautifulsoup for web scrapping[ONLY FOR SVCEians]

  • Flask
  • Scrapping
  • Selenium

Education & Work Experience

AUG 2020 - Present

Cheeni Labs

JAN 2020 - JUL 2020

Software Developer Intern, Cheeni Labs

Through this internship I got an oppurtunity to work in one of cheeni lab's frontline product flixjini.in During this period I worked on a JSON driven data crawler using Ruby, a search functionality which uses elastic search and I worked on hosting a Flask powerd API server

AUG 2016 - SEP 2020

Bachelor's Student, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

I did my Bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering @ SVCE where I learnt the core and laid my base on Computer Science.

CGPA: 8.56/10

About Me

Hey there! If you'd like to know more about me, keep scrolling!

Computers have always fascinated me, But I discovered my love for computer science when I began to contemplate beyond the level of abstraction. I had a curious mind for websites and apps, I would explore every feature and try to comprehend how it worked.

I'd say that the next big revolution is Artificial Intelligence and we're not far from reaching TONY STARK technology. But I intend to give users a user-friendly solution to their problems and this is where data comes into play. Data Science impressed me a lot. Besides, I look forward to building my career in data science and building apps that satisfy their necessity.

During my internship at Cheeni labs, I worked on both frontend and backend functionalities. I figured out that I am more comfortable working in the backend than in designing. I believe a frontend developer can provide content to the user effectively only when the backend does the job effectively and efficiently. I also enjoy writing web crawlers, these are used to gather data from the web and use it for several purposes. During my internship, I worked on a Crawling System that reduces the time to write new crawlers, helping them write more crawlers in a short period.

My aim was to pursue higher studies in the Netherlands after my undergrads. I got admissions in two of the TU/e’s in the Netherlands. But due to COVID-19, I couldn't pursue it this year. Albeit, I see this as an opportunity to expand my horizons and hone my skills.

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